Lecture with Derik Yates

Show what you sell

Gun example: image conveys three layers; the product, the type and the price. Using old fashion, rusted details as well as a simplistic font helps to present to the audience what they expect to find.

Amazon logo: Presents that they sell all sorts of products by using a simple arrow between the letters a-z. This arrow is also designed to look like a smile showing that it is a friendly brand. The use of a smile gives the impression that the process from packing, processing and postage was a smiley experience.

“a logo is just a name, while a brand is an experience”


What - A Business Proposition

How - A Set of Values

Why - A purpose (This is what differentiates the brand)

Use these simple questions to create a coherent brand.

Apple Example

What do they do? - They sell electronics and accessories and provide services.

How do they do it? - Simplicity, uniform design, easy to use. (Coherence)

Why do they do it? - To challenge the status quo and think different.